2021 Favorite Trends Paired with Bangles

2021 Favorite Trends Paired with Bangles

This year's trends favor monochromatic outfits, and range from unisex baggy sets to dresses with crisscrossing cords around bare midriff. These are definitely interesting and look fantastic on some, but when I decide what to wear my primary filters are: Is it comfortable for me to wear? Does it look elegant?
Based on these filters, here are some trends that I definitely would follow. I chose some of my favorite outfits and paired them with matching Bangles :) 
More than ever before, Spring brings optimism and hope for a better future. The faster we can move on from 2020, the better. There is a thirst for colors and happy outfits. At the same time, we are now used to wearing clothes that are comfortable and functional.
I feel that floor length floaty maxi dresses with open shoulders satisfy those requirements. Elegant, feminine, and easy to wear both in warmer temperatures and with a cropped jacket in the evening. 
Ether earrings fit in so perfectly, especially when the Ethers' color is just a shade darker or lighter than the dress. 
Black and white variation never goes out of style. And given the uncertain times we live in, it gives a sense of security we long for... or am I stretching things here?😆 Regardless, after adding a black and white color scheme to your life, things appear somewhat more sane. Fay round and square will complete that look.
I love bralettes! Not quite a bra but also not really a crop top, bralette stops at or even slightly above a midriff area. That makes it easy to pair with high waist shorts, skirts, pants, creating a feminine, sexy, but elegant look. Bralettes are also exceptionally comfortable since usually they don't have any wiring and straps can be adjusted to your liking. 
I would definitely pair a bralette look with Shay or Kate earrings, to complete those edgy yet feminine vibes. 
Which look would you go for? :)

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  • June

    I just love love your collection. So feminim and unique. I have bought some and after trying am Going to get them all 😊❤️

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