4 Ingredient Apple Pie

4 Ingredient Apple Pie

When you want to talk about efficiency, I’m your person to talk to😂

For those days when you really want something fresh and sweet, but also feel exceptionally lazy, this apple pie (cake?) hits the spot!

This is not a pie to impress someone with, but... is it the easiest, is it vegan, and does it do the job?? Absolutely!


1. Flour, 1 cup
2. Sugar, 1 cup
3. Apples, 4 small
4. Ground flax seeds, 4 tbsp

- Add 1 cup water to flax seeds and let it stay for at least 10 min
- Peel and cut your apples into the form
- Add sugar and flour to flax seed mix
- Pour the batter over apples

Bake at 175C (347F) for 40 min.

Let it cool before flipping and serving! BTW, I have a video recipe on my  personal Instagram  if you want to check it out.

Who wants a piece??:) For full disclosure, usually I also mix in cinnamon, lemon juice and some walnuts with the apples, but not today. Today I had what I had😄 

But hey, more time to fix hair and choose the best Bangles😝




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