Dealing with Uncertainty: Daily Checklist

Dealing with Uncertainty: Daily Checklist



2020 has been a challenging year, mostly due to uncertainty of the global situation, and uncertainty is certainly scary! Any really good horror movie director knows that, it’s not the amount of gore but the uncertainty of events that makes all of us jump out of our seats🧟‍♀️

A Sequence of Unfortunate Events

Lebanese banks collapse (I live in between Beirut and Chicago), I lost my dream, my Beirut Bangles store, then there’s this Covid insanity, our house exploded on us, we had elections craziness - the year has been eventful😃 However, despite all that, my 2020 New Year resolutions have mostly come true and as I promised to myself, 2020 was MY year. So in fact, this year has been eye-opening and has given me a lot of optimism for the future, because if I can stay productive and happy during the challenging times we’ve experienced, I truly can succeed during ANY times!

To Do Lists, Green Juices and Working Out

Reflecting back on what I have done differently this year, to cope with an astonishing amount of uncertainty, I noticed that unlike other years when I also made daily to-do lists, had my green juices, and regularly worked out, this year I have implemented a checklist for my daily routine which I actually successfully carried out (hurrah!).

I know perhaps that sounds like an anti-climax :) You may think, "Checklist? Really, I have FIVE and on each of my devices!” and I agree with you, the idea is not groundbreaking. What I found groundbreaking for ME, is what I put on that checklist and how I structure it, so I actually cover off the items on my checklist. So I thought I’d share with you my insights, maybe you will find some of it interesting, if not useful)?

Very luckily I took a screenshot of my checklist mid-July because someone asked me to share it with them and since I tend to throw everything out and delete it as soon as I'm done with it (PLUS the explosion on August 4 ruined my whole board), it’s very lucky indeed that I had this one😅

You can see it is not fancy by any means - I just do it on Google Docs, print it out on regular paper and hang it in a particularly visible part of my house. 

I structure it so I mixed the levels of easiness:


  1. VERY EASY (for me) items, which I LIKE to do, like dry brushing, ice my face, and drink green juice. For someone else it could be as easy as "Brush my tongue," and "Drink a tall glass of water first thing after brushing teeth." Something super-easy and that you do every day already. I think it’s good to have 3-4 items from this list.


  1. MORE DEMANDING items but DO-ABLE items like, for me: facial exercises, playing ukulele for 30 min a day, morning pages, gratitude, sport for 30 min a day. I would put on your checklist 2-3 items from this list. 


  1. DEMANDING items you want to do but tend to procrastinate over. For me it is shooting a video and writing 2 hours a day. As you see I only somewhat succeeded with that task. I actually did do a lot of shooting videos during August and September, specifically because of this list reminding me but writing I decided to scale back to a blog post once a week :). It is good to have 1-2 items here and reflect on them every month - maybe you do not REALLY want to do this and something else instead works better for you?
  2. EASY EXTRA items, something that’s nice to do and easy to implement and gives you that extra pleasure to cross it off your list :). For me it is visualizing (I wrote a post about it here) and enjoying a face peel/mask to keep my skin looking good.


Lists Change Regularly

I have tried to keep the same checklist digitally but it doesn’t work the same. Simple, old- fashioned paper on board works best, coupled with the "easiness" technique I developed. My list changes from month to month and certain habits become so second nature that sometimes I take them off the paper (like drinking a lot of water) but sometimes I have to put them back up because I start slacking😄

Hope you find this useful and/or interesting:) How did you cope with 2020?  Let me know in the comments or message me my @GoBangles instagram 😍

Have a great day and stay safe!




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