My Favorite Colors Combinations

Following on from my last blog – how colors affect emotions -  I thought it would be a good idea to talk about color combinations that I love.

Whether it’s for fashion styling or interior décor, getting your colors right is very important. It’s also important to think about other aspects of you. 

I’m talking about your personality and your lifestyle too.  For example, if you’re an energetic person and you love bright shades, then you shouldn’t just stick with monochrome colors.  Liven it up with bold splashes of fuchsia, electric blue and bright green. 

Likewise, it’s also important to consider your skin coloring.  As an example, some people just don’t suit certain shades.  I have a friend with very pale, porcelain skin and green eyes – a bold red washes her out but she looks absolutely beautiful in pastel blues, pale greens, light pink and yellows. 

So there’s a lot to think about.  For inspiration, here are my favorite combinations.

Pink and Red

Despite what you might think – actually, these two gorgeous shades blend well together and it’s really fashionable to clash your colors! I also think that they really complement each other. I love pink and red prints too, they’re fresh and bold, demanding attention but they can still look soft and feminine too.  Pink and red makes me think of flowers – like sunny geraniums dancing in the sunlight.  If you’re not a lover of pink and red, you can always dress up an outfit with an accessory.  My favorite Bangles earrings in pink and red have to be the Ether in Fuchsia and Red. Ether Earrings  

Beige and Gold

This is such a smart color combination, it oozes class and sophistication!  Try a pair of beige pants with a crisp, white broderie blouse and accessorize with gold colored jewelry.  My Shays are the ideal accompanying piece and you don’t need anything else!  Alternatively, a long, dreamy maxi-dress in creamy beige with gold sandals and gold hoops is the epitome of summer or a beige crochet top with white shorts showing off long, tanned legs always turns heads! Shay Statement Earrings


Denim always looks good, in every shade of blue and that’s why I have so many pairs of jeans in my closet!  Blues also look gorgeous, for any season of the year and I like mixing my blues kind of emulating a denim patchwork feel.  Try a pale blue sweater with your favorite skinny jeans and break it up with a tan belt.  Or a short denim blue skirt with an electric blue T-shirt.  Blues are cooler in tone but they suit almost everyone, especially pale skins and very dark skins too.  If you’d rather not wear head to toe blue, consider an eye-catching accessory instead.  You could choose to wear the Ether in turquoise (it’s quite soft and gentle) or go bold with the two-tone version here. Ether Blue Statement Lightweight Earrings

I’d love to hear your favorite color combinations and why, comment below and tell us!

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