New Year Resolutions Ideas

New Year Resolutions Ideas

Let’s Build On That Momentum for 2021!

Yes, 2020 was insane, but it was an eye-opener for so many of us, wasn't it?✨ 

I know many people who started following their childhood dreams, those who finally made the move to a different city or even changed country, those who stopped eating meat and so many of my Insta friends had babies! Though maybe I'm just in that age group where babies are par for the course…?🤔

So my message to you all is let’s build on that momentum of a fresh, new life and carry it over to the New Year! 2021 may bring even more challenges than 2020 but it’s okay because we are different now, aren’t we?  We can cope with challenges and change!

We Have Grown!

We are more resilient, we have our priorities straight and we know how to handle uncertainty much better. This year we really learnt the importance of health, both mental and physical health and we know that it is our interpretation of outside events that matters. Let’s build on that!

First let me share with you the resolutions I had for 2020, maybe this list will give you some ideas for 2021:

The 2020 resolutions that I followed through:

Create a nutrition ebook

    Yes, I learnt how to do inDesign, I created and structured the recipes, even counted calories, took the photographs and put together a 7 Day Vegan & Gluten-Free Meal Plan with 30 easy, yummy plant-based recipes.

      Learn how to shoot and edit videos

        Yes, I shot several, beautiful and professional looking videos. I still have to work on my shooting, of course but that first, huge step is done! 

          Commit to playing the ukulele

            Yes, just 30 mins a day, every day created magic! I love my ukulele and I am amazed by what I learnt in just one  year!

              Find a sustainable skincare solution that I can do at home

              Yes, it ended up being a combination of dry brushing, facial exercises and masks.

                Move my offline Beirut Bangles store online to the USA market & manufacture new colors

                  Yes, my beautiful, functional website and new Bangles are both here! Of course it involves more than just having a website, such as taking baby steps in promoting and creating an actual Bangles brand!

                    Read my books list

                      Yes and i’ll definitely share with you in a different post my MUST READ books’ list! The discovery of the year was that I can actually listen to books! I didn’t think I would be able to retain information that way, but I learnt that if I DO something routine like walking or doing something around the house, then I hold on to information even better than actually sitting down and reading a book.

                        Do an Inner Engineering course by Sadhguru

                          Yes, I did it. It was very insightful and I am a baby step closer to regular meditation.

                            The resolutions I had but didn’t follow through with:

                            Do a split on one leg

                            I did a split on one leg at the beginning of the year but then stopped stretching and lost the ability to do it again.

                            Improve my singing voice

                            I tried for a few months but I didn’t feel there was enough progress and it wasn’t much fun for me, so I quit.

                              Meditate every day for 10 minutes

                              Though I did Sadghuru course, I still can’t seem to force myself to actually meditate every day, I can only do it for a few minutes, maximum!

                                Create a vegan short

                                A short is like a small film. That was an ambitious goal and I am going to keep it in mind for 2021.

                                  Things I didn’t plan on doing yet still happened in 2020:

                                  • Knitting! 

                                  • So FUN! Check my highlights to see my progress! 

                                  • Writing regularly!

                                  • I even wrote 12 pages of a detective novel.  I felt inspired after reading all of the Agatha Christie books this year (haha). Maybe I’ll share at some point a small detective story for you to enjoy!

                                  I also took several courses on social media, inspiration, productivity, etc. It was sort of useful but not particularly new knowledge. 

                                  2021 RESOLUTIONS

                                  Now, finally, here are my resolutions for next year. I chose them because I know I can do them, they excite me and they build on what I already am doing now. 

                                  I also have some relationship and financial resolutions :) Maybe I’ll share them in retrospect once and if they happen haha!

                                  What are your 2021 resolutions? Comment below to give other people ideas and also so YOU have stronger commitment to them all!! 

                                  Happy New Year!



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