⭐️Summer 2022 Tops Styled with Bangles ⭐️

⭐️Summer 2022 Tops Styled with Bangles ⭐️

Off-the-shoulder Puff Sleeves

Off the shoulder statement puff sleeves are definitely on a hot list this summer! Gorgeous, feminine, flattering - those tops are a yes for me.

However, there is a lot going on in the middle section so your head and shoulders may feel a bit "naked" as a result. Adding statement (and lightweight yey) earrings to your look does the balancing trick perfectly!

I recommend Shay earrings as they match the style very nicely.


Neutral One-shoulder Sleeves


Mmm, neutrals create the ultimate canvas for statement details.

Get yourself a top that matches your skin tone almost perfectly (almost is key here as you don't want look naked from 100 feet away) and the sky is your limit!

I especially like the idea of one-shoulder neutrals as it adds a layer of sophistication to an otherwise basic top.

Any Bangles earrings would look amazing here, but if you want to continue layering in that same tone, I recommend Ether mustard, Bea hoops, Shay gold, or even a gold heabdand!


Bustier Tops

Last, but definitely not least - bustier tops Classy, always easy to style with some high waist shorts or pants, bustier top is an essential summer item, in my humble opinion.

Absolutely zero doubt here as to what Bangles to wear with those tops - ETHERS 100%

Bustier tops are by design tight fitting, so flowy lightweight Ether earrings are just perfect.

Blue Ethers go superbly with denim, Ethers in white go great with white (or a tan), and colorful Ethers would go with just about any bustier top that has a hint of the same tone in it.

Cheers to hot girl summer! :)

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