The "Side" Benefits to Reading

The "Side" Benefits to Reading

I consider myself as one of the lucky ones, growing up before the internet, so I spent all of my free time completely lost in my books! I would hide behind the couch, in the bathroom and once or twice I even hid under my bed so no one would bother me while I was immersed in another world, full of action, ideas, drama, and amour😁

It’s natural for me to always have a book on the go, I’ve never really asked myself whether it’s “good for me” and why it might be, but recently, I’ve been wondering.

Do you know why regular reading is generally recommended? 

Other than giving the reader new ideas and providing entertainment, there are some very interesting “side” benefits.

First, it expands your vocabulary which means that you can dazzle someone with your new, exciting words but also it helps with your problem solving abilities.

Why is that?  Well, when you can NAME something, you UNDERSTAND it better. You introduce a new piece of the puzzle that can be arranged in different ways.  For example, compare the following expressions, “He seems happy” and “He is generally enthusiastic about his work but especially pleased with his latest project.” In the second sentence I have broken down the word “happy” giving more information than in the first sentence, making the reader understand the person better and giving them further information on why he’s so happy! Am I making sense?

Second, it provides your brain with a simulation of sorts.

It allows you to think about if you were put in the same situation as the situation you’re reading about - so, imagine how you’d feel if the following happened to you:
If your spouse gets frisky (Garden of Eden)? 
If you kill someone (Crime and punishment)? 
If most of the world is wiped out (The Stand)? 
Like Miss Marple loves to say “Human nature is much the same everywhere, and, of course, one has opportunities of observing it at closer quarters in a village.

Thirdly, it helps with your ability to conceptualize.

You have to keep a lot of details in mind - who is whose cousin, aunt, enemy, friend, all the while following the bigger picture of the book. In very complicated books such as“War and Peace” you have to basically take notes of everything!  For example, who’s who in the Imperial Russian aristocracy just to keep up, all the while keeping your own personal dialogue with Pierre contemplating the meaning of life. 

So how about that! Nowadays, you can listen to pretty much any book you want and according to Stephen King, audio books have the same benefits as reading.

I just love walking my dogs and listening to Audible books, especially the non-fiction ones. Check this post for my favorite 6 non-fiction books...

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