Have Courage

What are Bangles Earrings really all about? Yes, they are oh-so pretty, yes they’re easy to wear,  yes they look great in photos, but REALLY what Bangles is about is courage. My earrings make bold statements and they each mean something, I’m going to tell you why! 

How we dress, walk, talk and of course, our facial expressions affect how others see us but also affect how we feel about ourselves. Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling low and listless? Perhaps after forcing yourself to shower, fixing  your hair and face, you feel much more ready to take on the world! Outside is the projection of how we feel on the inside, but it works in reverse too. 

It’s Easy to Quickly Feel a Little Better

Our anatomy is unbelievably intelligent and interconnected. When we go through a series of physical actions, our mind tries to adjust accordingly too. When we make a conscious decision to smile and to move ourselves, we start producing endorphins (feel-good hormones) so we feel better, maybe not perfect, but better.


This is not new information for you I’m sure, what is perhaps new (or a good reminder)  is that choosing to accept this notion requires courage.  

Taking Courage Is Important to Move Towards Happiness

Courage to take responsibility for your reality. It takes courage to admit that you actually can change how you feel and how you live your life. Taking personal responsibility is a huge step towards happiness but it does require courage!

Courage to be noticed by people so they turn their heads. We women have to fight off many insecurities, sometimes imposed on us and sometimes created by us. When those insecurities start to take over, it’s tempting to become invisible! Don’t let those suckers take over! You ARE beautiful, and you are worthy of those head-turning glances of appreciation. 

Have the courage to be confident and unapologetic for who you are. No explanations needed, you are who you are. 

Little Things Really Count!

Little things that you soon turn into big ones very quickly. Wearing beautiful bold earrings  to highlight your femininity, your brave happy spirit is one of the ways to be courageous and take control of your life. 

Thanks for reading guys, have a fantastic day - if you have any tips on being courageous, post them here!

Asiya XO

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  • Alsu

    Compelling thoughts . Good luck with beginning!

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