For My Bangles Babes

New Year Resolutions Ideas
Let’s Build On That Momentum for 2021! Yes, 2020 was insane, but it was an eye-opener for so many of us, wasn't it?✨  I know many people who started following their childhood dreams, those who finally made the move to...
Selfish Reasons for Gratitude
It has become popular lately to have “An attitude of gratitude.” But why should you? What is the benefit for you exactly? What if it feels to you that there’s nothing to be grateful for? 
A Story of One Failure
It’s a story of how I let one failure define who I am for more than two years. I want to share it with you because maybe the lessons I learned from this experience will resonate with your experiences too.
Dealing with Uncertainty: Daily Checklist
DEALING WITH UNCERTAINTY: DAILY CHECKLIST   2020 has been a challenging year, mostly due to uncertainty of the global situation, and uncertainty is certainly scary! Any really good horror movie director knows that, it’s not the amount of gore but...
Daydreaming or Visualizing?
I was visualizing before I even knew the concept of visualizing. Back in my days it was called dreaming:) But there is an imperceptible distinction between the two, and that distinction makes a considerable difference in the end.
No one is you and that is your superpower

I hope each one of you, gorgeous babes, understands that there is no need for envy or feeling sad about the genes you’ve got, because you, as you are right now, are one of a kind. 

Affirmations For Amazing Life
What does your amazing self want in life? Who do you want to be? These shall be your affirmations. Because according to my own physics absolute: We get what we focus on!
A Global Issue!
I read this somewhere, cannot place it now - satisfaction with the world starts with personal satisfaction...
Have Courage
What are Bangles really about? Yes they are pretty, yes they are easy to wear,  yes they look great in photos, but REALLY what Bangles are about is Courage. You say, Asiya you are making some bold statements here about some earrings. Let me tell you why it is true.