A Global Issue!

I read this somewhere, (cannot think where now)  satisfaction with the world starts with personal satisfaction. Those eight words sum up the importance of self-esteem on a personal and global scale. Imagine a world where each person feels happy with her/himself? That would be one peaceful place!

When You Feel Good - Everyone Seems Wonderful!

The way we perceive reality is rooted in how we feel about ourselves. You feel good about yourself and everyone magically transforms into a kinder, smarter and just an adorable being. You feel satisfied with yourself, and regardless of political, natural, or economic conditions, you are still filled with optimism for your future!

Remember a day you felt most proud of yourself, maybe a moment of triumph or achievement? Do you remember that great feeling? How darling everyone appeared to be to you? 

Hold on to that feeling. Recall everything you thought of yourself that day or minute. Write it down! That really happened, didn’t it? Well guess what, it can also happen today too. 

I hereby grant you permission to feel that way about yourself every day.

If We All Felt Good The World Would Be a Better Place

Having high self-esteem is not being arrogant and does not mean you are not allowed mistakes in the past or in the future. Instead it means focusing on the positive that you already are and developing those positives further. On an individual level, we become happier in ourselves, and on a global scale, that means happier societies, yay!

Feeling Good Attracts Positive People

It is almost a physics absolute: We get what we focus on. I think it’s a cleverer idea to focus on the good if that’s what we all want to attract; what do you think?

In my next article I will share some affirmations to solidify those truths about yourself.

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