Daydreaming or Visualizing?

I was visualizing before I even understood the concept of visualizing. It used to be called day-dreaming:) but there is an imperceptible distinction between the two, and that distinction makes a considerable difference!🤔

Maybe it’s just semantics, and if you think so, well, you’re probably right. Often day-dreaming and visualization are actually interchangeable.. I’ll take the liberty to define the two terms, I’m going to try and determine the difference to help you understand your own thoughts, understand whether we are dreaming or visualizing. 

The Difference Between Day-Dreaming and Visualizing

Dreaming is more of an abstract concept, something you don’t necessarily believe to be true. It could be almost magical, like being admitted to Hogwarts or ruling a small kingdom! There are other types of dreaming too, so something that actually isn’t unachievable true but you don’t believe it to be; it’s more of a wistful longing for something, such as “How i wish I wasn’t so scared of flying,” “How I wish I was a millionaire,” “How I wish Prince Charming would knock at my door…” 

Visualizing Allows You To Believe In Yourself

Visualizing, in my mind, implies determination. It’s dreaming with a purpose :) You may not fully understand how to get there, you may not know when it will happen, but you make a decision to believe that it is indeed possible for you. You picture the situation in detail, you “see” the environment you are in, you can “hear” what is happening around you, you feel what you would feel in that situation. You are living in that moment.

It’s not quite meditation, because meditation is about living in the NOW , focusing on what is happening in real reality. Immensely important, but not the topic of today:).

Athletes visualize all the time. When I was doing track and field, I was taught to visualize my future performance. I would see myself looking at the pit, I would concentrate as if I was there,  feel the strides, apply the proper technique, and when I got out of the pit, I would see or hear the desired result numbers.

Such athletic visualizing does have a deadline, so it doesn’t always come true on cue, but it does help tremendously. Presenters do it; I used to also do it before going into a negotiation of any kind (job interview for example). It brings mental calmness, because in your mind you have already done it, so mentally you have accepted that it can and will happen to you. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but it will happen.

Do Your Daily Affirmations!

Daily affirmations are part of visualizing, but it’s only the first step. The act of visualization is a thorough immersion into that future reality. It is feeling it, accepting it as if it already exists. For a while I used it as a part of my daily routine: “5 minutes to visualize.” :) I would sit, close my eyes, and immerse myself into my desired reality.

Visualizing is powerful because it programs your subconscious to not only accept that whatever it is you want can happen to you but also directs your overall behavior and actions towards that future reality. Also, I think of it as such an easy tool to add to my routine so I have the satisfaction of crossing it off😂

Wishing you all your dreams, I mean visualizations :) do come true!





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